Welcome to The Stegner Registry information page. The Stegner Registry is a Senior Residential Registry that was started in 1990 by Mary K. Stegner, a professor of psychology , and Donna O'Neil, a licensed clinical social worker. The Registry's mission is to assist seniors and their families who are considering residential living options in San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin and Alameda Counties. The Registry is dedicated to helping them select the most suitable assisted living community for their needs.

Our service is free.

The Stegner Registry has compiled in-depth information regarding Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Residential Hotels, Retirement Communities, and Continuing Care Communities.

We do not refer to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Government Subsidized Senior Housing or Real Estate and Rental property offered to the General Public.

To contact the Registry regarding residential living options for yourself or a family member, you may utilize one of the following methods:
Telephone Numbers: 415-775-4508
Fax Number: 925-462-3789
E-mail Address: stegnerregistry@aol.com

The Stegner Registry
P.O. Box 2413
Redwood City, CA 94064

The Placement Process:
There are over 1000 Licensed Senior Residential Communities in this four county area; but in all likelihood only a handful would be appropriate for your needs. To help you find the most compatible assisted living community, the Registry evaluates the following before offering options:

Your physical, functional, psychological and social needs.
Your financial circumstances.
Your geographical preferences.
Your compatibility with a facility's current residential population.

You are then offered a manageable number of choices to visit and consider. All final choices and determinations are between you and the senior residential community.

The Personal Assessment:
The most satisfactory assessment is a face to face meeting with one of our professional staff. A personal assessment usually takes about an hour and consists of interviewing the elder who is seeking placement. If this is not convenient for the elder or the family, relevant information can be obtained by a phone interview. For seniors who are in the hospital or who are presently working with another professional, such as a conservator or a care manager, we will accept an assessment by phone or by mail. For elders outside the Bay Area an assessment can be provided by a responsible party. There is no charge for information or referrals to the elder. However, there is an hourly charge if a written assessment is requested.

Residential Communities in The Stegner Registry:
The Stegner Registry has evaluated each residential community listed in the Registry. The California State Department of Social Services, Department of Community Care Licensing, inspects and licenses senior residential communities offering any degree of personal care and supervision. Prior to accepting any elder community into the Registry, the licensing records are reviewed. If the license is current and the review is satisfactory we personally do an on-site visit. The physical plant, the location, the accommodations, the services they offer, the staffing ratio, the monthly fees and any special skills of the staff are considered. The registry profiles the current residents so that future referrals will be compatible with the population. Before referring any resident this compatibility profile is updated. A regular on-site evaluation of the facilities plus reviewing their latest state evaluation is completed to assure that the high standards are maintained.

Mary K. StegnerThe Stegner Registry Founder:
Mary K. Stegner is a credentialed college professor in psychology and counseling. She has taught in Community College Districts for over 25 years. Prior to moving to California, she developed a Human Services curriculum for the University of Kentucky. She is also a consultant for Senior and Adult Residential Communities and develops Behavioral Modification programs for the developmentally disabled and seniors with behavioral problems. She evaluates elders' level of competency for the legal community. Mary K. was a state licensed vendor and conducted continuing education classes for residential care administrators and staff.

Mary K. also is a member of CASE (Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly) in San Francisco(www.sfseniors.org), and Elder Care Network (www.theeldercarenetwork.org).

The Stegner Registry • P.O. Box 2413, Redwood City, CA 94064
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